A starting point for iOS app design.

Superior is an iOS framework for Sketch built to make your life easier. With Superior you will enjoy the freedom of creating awesome apps for all iOS devices instead of creating routine UI elements.

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Version 1. Requires Sketch 52+.
Special prices for Education are available.

Dark and Light Schemes

Sketch Prototyping Ready

Customizable Components

iOS 12 Ready

iPad and iPhone Ready

Our goal with Superior is to create the most simple and customizable iOS UI Framework using the latest Sketch features, and provide the most elegant way for you to be successful at work.

Get Started

Set up your unique style.

A flexible and simple framework structure allows you to set up the library in a few minutes, according to your project requirements. There are two pre-made themes – the Light one and the Dark one.

Color Schemes

Superior is minimal. For a more flexible customisation, there are only 5 colors used in the entire framework.

Text Styles

Superior is consistent. Use well-organized text styles across all your documents with ease.


Meet the great symbols organization.

Take advantage of our placeholders and columns layout grouped by symbol type. With this structure, you can work as efficiently and quickly as you want, while keeping the library in order.


We have organized all symbols by categories so you can better navigate in the document and find exactly what you need.


Create instance symbols in no time, while keeping your library clean. For further information on using placeholders, please see the Documentation.


Only usable Overrides.

There are less instance symbols - now you have only the variations needed for an easy navigation in the Overrides panel, even with integrated prototyping hotspots in the components.


Less but thoughtful instance symbols allow for the Overrides list to be short and understandable. See more in the Documentation.


With integrated hotspots, you can create prototypes links right from the Overrides panel.


Components from HIG for all purposes.


Discover more Superior features.

Styles across documents

Text, Shared and Component styles are organized perfectly for reusing outside the library.

Library extensions

We have already created Glyphs and Keyboards extensions, and more sections are coming. These libraries are fully compatible with Superior.

Preview and guidelines

A Preview file can be the single source of truth for designers, or be used as a guideline for developers.

Dark scheme

All of the components are available in dark and light versions, so you won’t need to work from scratch.

Resizable components

All components have constraints and have been tested for resizing, so there'll be no bugs when resizing them.

iPhone/iPad compatible

Create designs for the entire iOS devices family: from iPhone SE to iPad Pro.

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For 1 user. Great for solo freelancers and developers.




Up to 30 users. Great for design teams and startups.

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Why I should try Superior?

Superior is created for designers and developers who want to be much more productive in creating professional app designs. Our framework is light and flexible -- just what you need, whether you're a beginner or a pro.

I’m new to Sketch. Will I be able to customize components?

To edit components, you will only need basic skills in Sketch. Superior has a simple symbols structure that is easy to understand, so you'll love it! We have prepared all the documentation for a quick start.

What’s on your roadmap?

We have a great roadmap for bringing more modular components to Superior periodically. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to get the latest updates.